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Advantages of On-Site
Mobile Drug Testing

With Cost effective and convenient on-site testing, it eliminates travel time and minimizes the loss of employee productivity, by getting the employee back to work within minutes of conducting the test. Additionally discouraging opportunities for employees or potential employees to compromise or tamper with specimens.

Mobile drug testing allows employers to find substance abusers among their employees, as well as to screen them from potential new hires and prevent them from entering the workforce in the first place.


MDT Services understands that confidentiality is an essential part of the relationship with our clients.

Our DATIA DOT qualified technicians provide a high level of private, secure and confidential drug and alcohol screenings.

All testing results are private and confidential and transmitted only to the Companies Designated Employee Representative or employee paying for the testing.


On-Site testing eliminates travel time, retaining employee productivity by having your employee tested at your location and getting the employee back to work within minutes of conducting the test.


MDT has a standard of procedures that assures error free collection. If an MDT collector error, MDT will correct the error at no cost to the employer for the flawed collection or the re-collection.

Drug-Free Workplace Programs

Whether your business is operational, financial, technical, or sales, there are risks involved in choosing to hire employees to represent your business. Hiring a substance abuser will affect numerous costs to your company in terms of health care utilization costs, absenteeism, losses due to theft, and accidents. The risks, costs, and benefits will differ with every organization.

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All testing is done on-site at YOUR location, or pre-requested location of your choice. CONTACT A REPRESENTATIVE TODAY!

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